Week 1 - Mindset & Intention

Do you want to wake up everyday feeling alive, focused and energised? If you want to take control of your wellbeing and feel ah-mazing again as well as enjoy being active & fit without feeling like a chore, this Back 2 Basic Vitality challenge has got you covered!


Week 2 - Nutrition

Want to feel and look your best but you just simply DON'T have the time to figure it all out? Don't worry - we have done all the hard work for you. Informative but simple guides and all our templates are here to make your healthy life a whole lot easier ;) 


Week 3 - Active living

Don't worry - you will not find any mushroom elixr or XCT oil in our meal plans. We are all about getting back to the basics and nothing extreme! 


 Week 4 -Lifestyle & Listen to your body

Ditch the restriction diet once and for all. We are all about balance and tuning in with your body - you will learn all about this in the next 28 days. Remember, balance is the key to suistainability!