How does it work?

Overview of the B2B Vitality 28 day challenge

  This challenge will kickstart at the start of each month and go on for the next 28 days. But, you will have lifestyle access (including any content upgrades in the future - FREE!) after that, from anywhere in the world. The main reason why we decided to kick off this challenge/course at the start of this month is so we can all support each other to kickstart new healthy habits together! We have also created an online Facebook group, where you can chat to other participants on this challenge as well, so you will never feel alone on your journey!  

The next challenge is July - going from 3rd July to 30th July!  

When you first enroll into the challenge, you will receive a welcome email + introduction (kinda like a pep talk and the usual housekeeping stuff).

The first week’s module/ challenge will unlock on the first Monday of July, 3/7 with the rest of the course activated and unlocked a week after each other, to keep you steadily on track. Yes, this is intentional. :P The whole objective of this challenge is to help you cut through all the noise & getting rid of the information overload - so, instead of uploading all the information on day one and leaving you overwhelmed, we will help you stay focused, one week at a time!  

Click HERE for the preview of all the challenge content AND Bonus!