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Other services include: 

content creation


Social media and marketing is more than simply posting pretty pictures. The important question is - Are you putting out the right content and providing value to your audience and potential customers?

Depending on your business' needs, I am able to help curate content for your business including:

  • eBooks (around health, wellbeing and lifestyle) 
  • Recipes development & food photography
  • Cooking videos
  • Social media images (#slaytheflatlay?)
  • eDM specific content 

Get in touch and drop me an email at for a 15 minute discovery session! 

Marketing plan and marketing strategy

Social media is a great tool to build awareness and generate lead but do you have a funnel to nurture these leads? Is your social media content directing towards an optimised landing page? Are you utilising all the channels and touch points your audience and potential customers are hanging out?

Services include but not limited to: 

  • Social media and marketing plan audit
  • Analysis of what is and isn't working
  • Metrics you should be tracking and dashboard template set up to help you better track your progress in the future
  • Written marketing & social media plan (3/6/12 months)
  •  Action plan and guide to execute your marketing plan. 

Get in touch and drop me an email at for a complimentary social media audit. 

Market research and/ or competitors analysis

Looking to get a better grasp of where your business stands in the market? Or who your competitors are? There's no better way than to conduct a thorough and comprehensive competitors analysis. 

Find out what the strength and weaknesses of your competitors are, what opportunities and threats that your business may face and how can your business stand out in today's market. 

My previous experiences as a Marketing (Planning) Manager as well as my business (this website is my best portfolio!) has allowed me to have my fingers on the pulse of social media, especially within the wellness, beauty and lifestyle industry - ask me about the latest trends, trending accounts and social movements and I will be your walking market research report!

Get in touch and drop me an email at for a 15 minute discovery session!