What is in my travel bag ? #TravelFit Edition

With the holiday season coming up and majority of the compulsory shut downs happening here in Australia, this is the time where many of you take the opportunity to travel whether its domestically or internationally. So, in order to fit in the #EatThisBurnThat theme, I will be sharing several #TravelFit posts across the next few weeks, sharing the content I have curated during my recent trip to Singapore and Malaysia (Penang, Langkawi & Kuala Lumpur!) This is my very first post of the #TravelFit series, stay tune for the snack edition, #TravelTuesday edition featuring tourists spots and places to eat as well as the working out edition! Let me know if there are any other editions you would like to see!

When it comes to travelling, I believe in indulging in the local delicacies because food, after all, is part of its culture! However, make up for those extra calories you are consuming by staying active. Walk to tourists spots if possible, go for that evening walk around your resort after dinner, bring along a piece or two portable equipments such as skipping rope or resistant band just in case you need to squeeze in a quick sesh. ;) Always listen to your body - if you have been living a relatively healthy lifestyle, it will eventually crave for greens and fruits! If that's the case, hunt down the best healthy cafe in town or if you are living in an apartment, hit the local market or shop and whip up a meal of your own!

That, my friend, is essentially #EatThisBurnThatTravelFit or rather what I practise when I am travelling! So, to kick off this new series of mine, I will be showcasing a few essentials that have came along with me in my recent trip.

Travel Fit Flat Lay
Travel Fit Flat Lay


A good magazine or a good book: I always bring along a good book or two and a few magazines whenever I am travelling. Because, nothing beats sun, sand, bevy and a good read! Collective Hub is a great magazine if you are seeking for inspiration to be #GIRLBOSS and is probably the best entrepreneur magazine on stand! Hemsworth on the cover is a plus ;)

Sound cancelling earphones or headphones: Always opt for sound cancelling ones if possible because you never know when will you be sitting within close vicinity of crying babies on the plane! You will also need them to pump some good music whilst you're powering through a quick work out.

Lip balm: I find myself using zero make up when I am relaxing at a resort so this NIVEA essential care lip balm is as far as "cosmetic" goes. Lips needs to stay moist after all the sun and chlorine from the pool ;)

Jurlique Sun Specialist SPF40 High Protection Cream: So much love for this 2-in-1 sun screen! I reapply this every hour or so because 1) I have been in and out the water all day 2) It smells HEAVENLY 3) My skin was ridiculously dry when I was overseas so this acts as a great moisturiser too!

Evian Facial Spray: If you are heading to South East Asia where humidity level is forever 200%, THIS product is god sent! I usually use this after an intensive HIIT session in Sydney but Mr ETBT and I have been constantly spraying this (as frequent as every 15 minutes in the arvo no joke!) throughout our stay in Langkawi because it was just so. freaking. hot! Quick tip: you may need double dose after your workout ;)

A notebook and pens: Because you never when will inspiration strikes (especially when you are in a completely foreign surroundings!) and you will need multiple coloured pens to jot down your ideas (duh). Both pens are from Kikki K because #KikkiKerrrrthing

Sunnies: For my celebrity moment  My trusty Ray Bans is an essential for me whether travelling or not.

Resistant Band: I bought this in KL during my stopover before Langkawi. It is a great equipment to fit in a quick resistant workout so I feel toned in my swimmers and feel less guilty about all the seafood and laksa I consumed. ooops. Eat This Burn That, right? ;)

What is in your #TravelFit version of travel bag? Would love to know!