DAY 01: The Journey to Being You 

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I am going to give myself the challenge to write an article a day or more like a #nofilter braindump - based on whatever that comes up each day. 
It could be a short and sweet lesson, or it could be something profound that I have learnt from a book or someone. Kinda like a letter a day. 
(Still not quite sure how will I share this at the moment - giving Facebook page a go but thinking of email or even a blog post or in our Facebook group?)

This is an experiment that I am putting myself through:

You see - for a long time (or should I say forever), I told myself I hate writing. I am not good at writing. I am not creative enough. 
So, I never write. Or I always tell myself I will write when inspiration flows. 
That is my logical mind trying to take over. 
Like I am writing a fucking thesis or biography here. 
Maybe the reason why I was never good at writing is because I never practiced my creative muscle. 
I never let my thoughts flow and I am letting my logic take over. 
Since last October (where my first proper “awakening” happened) - I have had lotsa thoughts, new discoveries on the most random times.

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I shared some of them on my platforms - but most of them, ended up going up the thin air because this is how it usually goes:

➡️OMFG! Fuck Yes! <Include whatever discover or something new that just clicks>
➡️ I should go on Instagram Live now and talk about it. But wait - include 50 reasons as to why this is not the right time or I should put them into a better thought. 
➡️ Make 2 lines of notes of what I should talk
➡️ When the “perfect time” comes - which is the usual stuff (check emails plus my day to day work that I am so used to doing), my energy is gone and that alignment and flow that I have had has also disappeared. 
➡️ Well, the message is not quite the same (so I guess I will have to do it the next time it strikes and THEY NEVER DID)

I am sure many of you can relate to this - not necessary in a content creation way but in terms of things that you want to do.

Something that I have learnt in my past year of personal development, self-mastery and just being more aware and conscious with the things that I do is that new perspectives, new discoveries and ideas that are aligned with your purpose and soul message almost NEVER come to me when I am THINKING about it. 
It always sparks when I am reading a book (this actually happens to me a lot!), listening to podcasts (I am very selective with who I choose to listen to now because ain’t nobody wants no mental masturbation), a conversation or simply just sitting in stillness. 
And - when you just let your thoughts flow and write it down instead of trying to filter it with your pre-conditioned judgement, you’d be surprised with what you get.

This is also a chance for me to be more vulnerable, to preach the talk and show up as my most authentic self every single day.
I am pretty transparent and got pretty good at #owningmystory these days but there are more that I can put it out there and definitely more fucked ups that I can share. 
If every story that I share and tell has inspired one more person to share their story - think about the ripple effect that it flows from there. 
I love the outcome RU OK is trying to achieve but most people aren’t going to share their stories. Also, it is SO MUCH easier to say yes I am OK and put on a mask. I know I would much rather do that then sharing my stories.

So, this is what this experiment is all about.

  1. To rewrite and reframe the belief that I am shit at writing and I can’t write by just letting my writing muscle flows. 

  2. To be vulnerable and inspire everyone around me to share their stories! (I have seen how incredible this will be on an amplified version after my first Conscious Leadership panel on Dojo - if you want to watch the full video, check it out here)

When I look through my journal, on days where I feel super aligned and in flow AF, I write PAGES worth of thoughts and some of them are pretty damn good (if I may say so myself)

Also - instead of starting from 1st of August (like what I have always done - pick a new day or a new week or a new month but when the time comes I somehow managed to talk myself out of it!), I am starting today, right here and right now! 
If it’s in flow, if it feels right, why do I have to wait for 9 more days before putting it out to the world?

This is something VERY new to me! 

To go with the flow and taking aligned actions over strategy and planning (that was my “corporate expertise”. 

After spending a weekend in the jungle, I realised if I want to fully step into my purpose work - which is to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs own their story, unlock their true potential and show up as their best authentic self, I need to change the way I do things. 

Planning hasn’t really given me the impact I want to make - so I guess, I will have to try something different.

I love videos and I love creating videos. No, I will not stop creating that - they will still be distributed through my platforms but the deep and raw shit is here. 
It might be thought-provoking for some. It might be triggering for some. You might not be ready for this and it’s OK. Feel free to unsubscribe anytime - no hard feelings!

If you feel like you are ready to share your stories, or if there’s a particular story or lesson that you can resonate with, never hesitate to FB message me or send me an email!

Or, if you are comfortable in sharing with the tribe, feel free to share it in the closed Facebook Group!

#OwnYourStory, Live Your Life.

PS: If you are ready to transform your life, to get to the bottom of who you REALLY are, recreate yourself, own your story and step into your truth and power - I have a couple of openings in my VIP 1:1 Coaching at the moment! Let’s chat over Facebook to see if we are a great fit or apply directly here.