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Meal Prep 101 - Chicken Mexican Salad Recipe

This 6 ingredients Mexican salad has been a huge favourite of mine as of late - packed with flavours (thanks to the coriander and red onion), super delicious and extremely quick & easy to make. Top it with your favourite protein of choice (I have been having them with poached chicken because it's healthy and takes no effort to cook!) and voila, a complete and balance meal ready to go. 

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Gut Health 101 - All you need to know about Gut Health!

Your gut is where 70% of your immune system lies, where you make nutrients, make detoxifying enzymes, metabolise hormones and neutralise pathogens. Your gut is the key to good health and radiant beauty. Let Carla Oates, the founder of The Beauty Chef to give us some down low about gut health today!

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Meal Prep 101: 5 Meal Prep Hacks for Busy-Bees

No, contrary to what you think, you do not need to be a Master Chef to whip up delicious healthy meals nor do you need to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. Again, ain't nobody got time for that. You just need to be smart about it, cook once and eat multiple meals. Let me share my top 5 hacks and tips with you on how to get on top of your meal prep game just in time for SPRING!!

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