5 reasons why you should start stretching

Stretching, is something that most people forget or skip or simply deemed as "unimportant" when compared to an intensive workout sesh. Today, we will be giving you 5 reasons to start stretching now!  

5 reasons why you should start stretching

1. Stretching makes you a happier person! Did you know that stretching releases dopamine which makes you feel good?

2. Stretching helps improve your flexibility as it loosens the muscles and tendons.

3. Stretching helps relieves muscle fatigue and allows you to exercise for longer.

4. Stretching increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles, thereby reducing muscle soreness. Plus it's always good to finish off a good work out!

5. You reduce the risk of injury whilst working out.

To stretch pre or post workout – that is the golden question!

Erin Barrett, a Physiotherapist from Precision Physio advised that there's no right or wrong to this and the best thing to do is stretch according to your training. For example, if running is your sport of choice – make sure you stretch out your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calf’s. If you are a swimmer – make sure you stretch out your triceps, pecs and posterior deltoid and vice versa. Assess your body and your workout and make sure you stretch and strengthen in order to neutralise muscle imbalances.

Personally, I think if it feels good , whether it's pre or post workout or stretching first thing in the morning, just do it! Or you could simply sign up to your closest yoga/ pilates studio for an amazing stretching session! You will definitely feel better after!

Happy stretching! X


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