7 Tips on Staying Motivated To Exercise This Winter

It's cold and wet outside, your bed and duvet is yearning for some spooning time. It is a no brainer that bed > the gym. I know, trust me. There are days where there are 74983 reasons to stay in bed and go to the gym. I have been there. However, we are not here to be Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer today. #GetItGirl So, I will be sharing my top 7 tips on staying motivated to exercise this winter!  


1. Mix up your training routine

Metal (Weights) Monday, Pilates Tuesday, Aerial Yoga Wednesday, Cardio Thursday, Yoga Saturday. You get the idea.

The quickest way to fall of a bandwagon is boredom. Mix up your training by adding in a yoga session or two each week or go for a walk with your partner and/or housemate. Keeping an interesting training routine means you are less likely to skip training!

If you need some workout ideas - here are some of my favourites:
- 10 full body, fat-burning workout
- 10 HIIT circuit at-home routine

2. Treat your training sessions like any other appointments and meetings

Workout is no different than to your weekly WIP meeting or collaboration appointment. It's a meeting with yourself. Schedule your training session in your diary or Google Cal.

You don't reschedule your meetings for no apparent reason, so why should you reschedule your training session?


3. Remove any hurdles that may stop you from training

Make workout SO convenient for that you can't avoid it. Wear your training clothes to bed, pack all your bags and meals the night before, have all your make up ready in a separate bag #GymBagHeroes (Check out this video to learn how to get ready using only FIVE beauty products!) - remove all hurdles so you have literally zero excuses to skip training.

If you need extra support & motivation on building lasting healthy habits, join us for our next Back 2 Basics Vitality 28 Day Challenge where you will learn how to make healthy living a part of your lifestyle after 28 days! 


4.  AM workout

Do it first thing in the morning, before your brain can talk you out of it! And rip the extra benefits of fasted cardio too!


5. Habit Stacking

Stacking your training session on top of a habit you may already have is a great way to start incorporating healthy habits into your life! I used this tip to start getting into the habit of AM workout.

I teach a 6:30am bootcamp session daily at a local park. To make it a routine and make it less likely for me to skip training - I started stacking my gym session after my bootcamp session and before my daily coffee routine. I love treating myself to a good cup of extra shot almond milk latte post workout - that's a sweet little incentive to get my morning workout done!

Stack your training session on top of your current routine today!


6. Focus on how it makes you FEEL

Remember how good and energised you feel after that morning HIIT session; or how toned and more confident you feel after that weights session or yoga class. Focus on how good you feel after a class - it will most certainly help you to get out of bed when making love to your bed seems more enticing ;)


7. Find a workout buddy or get a personal trainer or coach

Sometimes, you just need that extra kick and accountability buddy. You are less likely to cancel a session when you know someone is waiting for you at the gym and/ or if you have already paid for that session! :) Schedule a catch up with a friend at the gym ( I do it with my bestie every fortnight - great for catching up and pushing each other. Definitely killing 2 birds with one stone!). IF you are just starting out at the gym and classes might be a little too intimidating, find yourself a personal trainer! A few sessions will equip you with the basics at the gym and keep your motivation level high!

These are my top 7 tips on staying motivated to exercise this winter - over to you to share what your tips are in staying motivated this winter? Share them in the comments below!

No restrictions, no running if you dislike running - it is all about making healthy living a part of your lifestyle whilst keeping it simple and enjoyable! Join us for the Back 2 Basics Vitality 28 Day Challenge now! 



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