Inspiration Insider - Yaz from Yogathletics by Fit Fun Fusion


The  Inspiration Insider series is essentially an "interview" to gain insights and inspiration from fitness enthusiasts, instructors, trainers or health coaches and some of their top tips and tricks to healthy and active living. On top of that, I have also noticed a trend of people swaying away from your conventional gyms towards more personalised boutique gyms/ training studios. Personally,  I am all for that (more on this on another post) and hence, another reason for starting Inspiration Insider series is hoping to assist you guys in finding a gym alternative such as functional training, yoga, dancing... you get the drift. ;) And of course, I have to feature a good friend and fitness beast, Yaz from Yogathletics by Fit Fun Fusion!


1.Tell me a little about yourself, your business and which area of training do you specialise in?

I’m a fitness addict with a competitive sports background, a great believer in cross methods of functional training and a passion for unique movements and going back to basics of using your body the way it was meant to; I am the founder of “Yogathletics” method of fitness leveraging on an array of tried and trusted fitness methods and offer a fun way of progressing your fitness in a supportive, natural and functional environment: Fusion of Functional training, Primal Movements, Yoga, Athletics, Isometrics, Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Freestyle and Body Weight training

2.How did you get into health & fitness and eventually becoming a fitness instructor? 

My brother and I have always been encouraged by our parents at a very young age to play outside, led a healthy and fit life ever since, fitness has always been part of my life, I have always been open to try new fitness fads but kept going back to basics: gymnastics and kettlebells for example, have been successful for years and there is a lesson there for everyone: I decided to share my passion and in turn inspire people to be a fitter, healthier and the strongest version of themselves.


3.Take us through a day in your life OR take us through a day on your plate. (Instagram worthy shots welcome. :P)

My day will always start bright and early, 2 glasses of water and lemon, a 30 minutes meditation or Yoga, a cup of coffee (it’s the first of many), head to my 9 to 5 binary job in IT, gym by 5:15 for a two hour session (Yoga, Bodyweight workout, HITT, Cycle, Dance, Boxing… Anything goes), in bed by 11:00 usually… Wake up, repeat :)

4.Do you have a favourite homemade/ to-go-to recipe you would like to share with us? OR Describe your ideal workout/ favourite workout to move your body. 

My ideal workout would consist of: Short 20 minutes Bodyweight workout: Pull-ups, dips, handstand push-ups – followed by a 45 minutes cycle – followed by a 90 minutes hot Yoga (FYI Hot Yoga is like normal Yoga but with me in it )

5.What is your view on health & fitness? Do you live by any particular food or training philosophy?

My fitness philosophy is: have fun, make it part of your routine, make it functional and useful but most importantly PLAY


6.What tip or advice would you give to anyone who is looking to live a healthier and fitter life/ or wishing to take fitness to a new level and get stronger?

Find something you like: be it dance, cycle, Yoga, weightlifting and make it part of your life, keep it simple and useful… To get stronger I would suggest find out about your weaknesses.. For example test your balance and flexibility in Yoga, test your core conditioning by trying gymnastics, that’s where a method like Yogathletics comes in, you are guaranteed to be challenged in a fun and supportive environment.


7.I have noticed a trend of fitness enthusiasts are slowly shifting away from conventional gyms towards more focused training, such as functional training, yoga, boxing, zumba... Personally, I think that's the way to go as everyone should train with what the enjoy. What are your thoughts on this?

I completely agree, rock it your way as long it's safe, you're having fun and just moving what your mama gave you... Even fitness fads have a place because they get people out of their couch and into doing something in a safe manner (safety is paramount)


8. Pluggin time! All your social media channels for some stalking actions and of course any exciting projects/ offers you would like to share with Eat This Burn That's readers?


Yogathletics Group:


Once again,  thank you Yaz for taking your time to share your insights and passion with the readers of Eat This Burn That.