Inspiration Insider: Julie Wakely from MeMyBestAndI

It has been a while since our last #InspirationInsider post, and today's Inspiration is an old friend whom I have known through my blogging years who happens to be a beauty and wellness blogger - Julie Wakely from Me My Best and I.

Julie works in IT by day; is a qualified beauty therapist; blogger by night; gym bunny and have I mentioned a hot momma to her gorgeous Miss Ruby too?


1. Tell me a little about yourself and your blog.

I’m an Irish lassie who now guises as an Aussie citizen having lived here for 13 years this year. I’m a beauty therapist from way back and have worked for brands like Lush & Shiseido so have always been a beauty nut and one day hope to work in the industry again. After getting married and organising the wedding I sort of had this lull and all this spare time on my hands. I was managing all the blog and website content for my job and launched their social media platforms which was really cool except all in the IT industry and all a bit geeky so one day just thought hey I’d love to do this BUT about beauty . The name was somewhere already in my subconscious (my Mums motto for us was always ‘just do your best that’s all you can do” growing up) I didn’t even read any blogs. I just opened up Blogger and went for it.


And that’s what Me my best and I is all about my journey to trying to bring out the best version of me. That used to be all about makeup and beauty products but has evolved over the years organically as my interests have also changed to be about health, lifestyle, exercise and food too. And frivolity. Always frivolity!

2. How did you get into the world of health and fitness and find your way to where you currently are?

My Mum always had an interest in healthy food so I probably had a good exposure to good nutrition growing up. I almost nearly did a degree in Nutrition in Scotland but chose boys and partying and travel instead .OOPS! But no regrets as that is what brought me to Australia. My home forever!

When I met my now hubby I was partying up a storm, working like a crazy and living a generally pretty unhealthy existence. He was a gym buff (now a personal trainer/masseuse) and I started going to the gym with him and got hooked on that serotonin buzz you get after exercise and how good I felt. Needless to say planning to be a bride fuelled that motivation too. Now I need that feeling. I feel flat and lethargic if I don’t get my daily exercise buzz.

After getting married I started seeing a naturopath for bad skin and she really put me on a wellness path and made me start thinking about my digestive system and hormonal balance and what I was putting in and on my body. At the same time I had discovered Yoga and was really getting in to it and I think like anybody who starts to listen to their body in yoga ‘wellness’  just kind of evolves, its part of the holistic magic of yoga.  So I think all paths led me to this point. And now I love exploring health and wellbeing from a blog perspective too and writing about it and chatting to readers about their journeys & findings.

3. Take us through a day on your plate. (Instagram worthy shots welcome. :P)

Well I recently shared My Day on a Plate. But a usual weekend day would look a little like this:

I always do oil pulling with coconut oil when I wake up and a hot water and lemon. Lately I’ve also being doing a 7 minute workout to boost metabolism too.

Ideally I train in the morning on an empty stomach, I love circuit training or jogging around Lavender Bay and Milsons Point. That feeling of achievement afterwards sets you up better than anything else for the day. I then would have breakie of a bircher muesli or a green protein smoothie.  There would be definite morning Instagram scrolling and updates (#addict) while I had my mid morning coffee (#addict) - almond milk cappuccino extra hot please !


As I have a 22 month old (Miss Ruby) we try to get outdoors with her so I try to get out to either the beach or the park and where I can squeeze in a good magazine or newspaper read in between swing pushes and slide cheerleading!

We also tend to eat out more for lunch at weekends so evening times I’m generally enjoying a bottle of rose with the hubs on the veranda before making us dinner. Then maybe we’d crack open a bottle of red, put the baby to bed and I’d do some blogging before we crashed and watched a movie. Not very rock n roll anymore!

4. Do you have a favourite homemade/ to-go-to recipe you would like to share with us? Well I love a green smoothie, my go to morning one is gorgeous; creamy, fresh, sweet and cool with pear, cucumber, spinach, almond milk, chia seeds and vanilla protein, my all time fav  protein powder is Isowhey Madagascan Vanilla – I always go back to it). I make these two curries a lot that Dan & Steph  My Kitchen Rules winners gave me. These mocha coconut poached pears an insanely low call but decadent dessert. And this is my healthy go to hangover cure


5. What is your view on health & fitness? Do you live by any particular food or training philosophy?

I think everything in balance. I definitely try to avoid extremes – no carb, no dairy etc just doesn’t feel balanced to me.  I think move often, eat as much as you can close to its natural state, try and have greens with every meal & treat yourself every now again. Life is too short. I always order desserts in nice restaurants. The 80:20 philosophy works well for me. Eat well and train hard 80% of the week and treat yourself and relax the other 20%.

6. What tip or advice would you give to anyone who is looking to live a healthier and fitter life?

I’d say make one small change at a time. If it makes you feel good you will stick with it and if you have success you will be motivated to make another change. Oh and eat (or drink!) your greens! I truly believe they are the backbone to good health!


6. Pluggin time! All your social media channels for some stalking actions and of course any exciting projects/ offers you would like to share with Eat This Burn That's readers?

Well you’ll find me most on Instie @memybestandi, but I do dabble in some tweeting  @memybestandi and facebooking too. I am quite fond of pinning healthy inspo , fancy shoes nail art I’d never be able to recreate and lots and lots of hair pics for some reason @memybestandi!

(Editor's note: I have shared my day on a plate over at Julie's blog - head over HERE to check it out if you are interested!)


I’ve lots planned for 2015 and have been working on a free ebook that I’m nearly finished called ‘How to make your skin love you’ after years of battling with troubled skin I think I’ve finally cracked it and thought I would share my tips. Stay tuned!

Thanks Julie for taking your time to share your thought and passion with the readers of Eat This Burn That. Now, to add that slow cooked mocha pear onto my to cook list! And I hope you enjoy today's Inspiration Insider's post!