7 SUSTAINABLE tips on how to get started on healthy eating in 2017

Is anyone else sick of "New Year, New You" tagline already? Rather than sharing my magic pill and quick fix with you, I think 7 tips on how to get started on healthy eating to kickstart your 2017 that's sustainable all year long sounds way better, don't cha think? ;)

What you and I need to remember is that healthy lifestyle changes take time and you can't and will not miraculously pick up good habits that are sustainable overnight. There's no quick fix or magic pill that will help fasten the change - so here are some of my sustainable tips on healthy eating this coming year!

7  SUSTAINABLE Tips on How To Get Started on Healthy Eating in 2017

1.  Remember your WHY - Always keep in mind WHY you want a healthier lifestyle in 2017  and think of how your life would be better by healthy eating. So you could feel more energised and take on the world? Or is it for you to gain more energy to keep up with your children? Or simply just for general health reason? It should always be more than simply aesthetic.

2. 80/20 rule - Make the effort to stick to at least 80% of unprocessed, whole foods and allow the remaining 20% for flexible eating and your cravings (because lets be real here, the hormonal cravings need some TLC too!). Restriction is disaster waiting to happen! 


3. Educate yourself - There are 20348209348230984230 different diets out there in the market. Always take it with a pinch of salt and there is no "right" diet out there! Learn more about the pros and cons of each of them and research, research AND more research (preferably with reliable source. A bikini body alone is NOT a reliable source!). Then, tailor it to suit your body, lifestyle and financial situation.

4. Count the nutrients, not the calories - Rather than focusing on the calories, start tracking your macronutrients instead. I can't tell you how many times I failed by simply focusing on calories counting (we all know how tedious and torturous this ordeal is!) Instead of focusing on the calories, focus on how much protein, carbs, good fats and fibres you are consuming each day! Remember, low calories doesn't mean they are good for you! 

Healthy Eating - Meal Prep
Healthy Eating - Meal Prep

5. Be as prepared as you possibly can - As cliche as it sounds, "Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail". Being prepared and organised is the key when it comes to healthy eating, especially when it comes to eating well. Cook a whole batch of meals over the weekend so you will reach out to your home cook meal instead of dropping by your favourite take out place.

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6.  Above all the tips I have shared -

Ask yourself honestly, "Do YOU want to make the change for a healthier lifestyle?"

Because success depends on your state of mind! If you are not ready to make the change, you won't succeed - simple as that. Again, refer back to #1!

7.  HAVE FUN with the journey - Most importantly, make sure you are having fun. Appreciate that you get to whip up a homemade meal for your family or partner; that you know what you are putting into your body and that you are nourishing your body with all the nutrients it needs! A sustainable healthy lifestyle is a perpetual WIP - you should always be exploring new options and alternatives to fit your ever changing lifestyle. If you are not having fun, it will start to feel like a chore to you and you will probably fall off the bandwagon in no time!

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Good luck errrberdy and here is to a healthier 2017! :) As always, if you have any questions, chat below or send me an email! :)

Adeline x

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