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Happy hump day, my lovelies!

I thought I'd share yet another inspirational insider post today to give you the much needed inspiration in the middle of winter! ;) We have Nikki Ayres, a health coach and yoga instructor here today! I know Nikki from way back, back when she was still working in PR and I was still writing predominantly about beauty! A couple of years later, Nikki has transformed into this amazing and inspirational health coach and yogi with a contagious smile (you will know what I am talking about when scrolling through the photos!)



1. Tell me a little about yourself.

Well my full name is Nicola but i like Nikki, I am a certified holistic health coach graduated in 2014 with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and I am a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher based in Sydney. I am so passionate about helping people fight their own fears, get unstuck, break through blocks and shinning a light on their magical life through the body, mind and spirit. My Health Coaching focuses on the mental blockages and the Yoga teachings focuses on the physical and generic blockages in the body. Both practices marry together perfectly as i help transform peoples life in a holistic approach that gets you out of living from your head and into living from you heart.

InspirationInsider_Nikki Ayres
InspirationInsider_Nikki Ayres

2. How did you get into yoga and health coaching?

A few years ago i was working in PR (that's how I first met Nikki - through one of the events she held!) and became physically unwell and emotionally drained, My father is a doctor and mums a nurse and i knew i was not sick or depressed, yet i just needed some guidance, i needed to make lifestyle changes and be supported so i went to my own health coach Claire Obeid who is also a graduate of IIN. She was a beautiful blessing it was a little kick in the right direction to my true desires of wanting to help and heal people. I dropped my high intensity training as i was craving inner work and choose yoga and meditation. It became a daily practice and my intuition made it crystal clear that health coaching and being a yoga teacher was my true destiny.

3. Take us through a day in your life.

6am: Wake up to my alarm of a super sweet zen soundtrack and give the BF a kiss good morning, followed by X3 Sun Salutations , and quickly duck off to a boot camp by the beach. 8am: Make a green smoothie, banana, Kale, coconut water, chia seeds, coconut flesh (if i have it) and honey. So yum !! Then I have a shower and head back for a little snooze (haha I just love sleep)


9am: Check my emails, and start replying to emails regarding yoga classes, health coaching sessions and the list goes on. 10am-12pm: On most days I scheduled in a health coaching session around this time, pop on some herbal teas and bliss balls for me and the clients and we get chatting away. 1pm: Make a cold pressed juice, my favorite detoxing one is Celery, Apple + lemon. My favorite lunch is raw broccoli and grilled sweet potato with a lemon chilli guacamole and a few corn chips on the side. 2-3pm: I teach at a variety of Uni's and Corporate work places in the city, so i hop in my car with a stack of yoga mats and off i go with some water and a Tiny Tea by my side. 4pm: I get home and check a few emails, pop another tea on and do a pre scheduled blog post for my website. 5pm: NAP TIME!!! One thing you got to know about me is i love naps, I always wanted to create a life where i would fit in time for a nap. I feel that my naps reboot my energy and its when i am most creative. I also have my naps in the afternoon and night with yoga so its good to have a siesta and relax and i make sure i never feel guilty for it. 6pm: Start setting up for my first yoga class of the night, and prepping my class.7pm: Teaching yoga

(Editor's note: Inspiration right here - I want a lifestyle which could fit in an arvo siesta too! Just a tad envy of Nikki's life right now!)


8:30pm: Pop some dinner on, since its cold i have been loving a good warm soup, either tomato or veggie and I have an obsession with chocolate. I sometimes make my own bounty bars all natural and using 80% dark choc or my favorite is a coconut slab. I just love anything chocolate and i enjoy every mouthful. I teach my clients that food should be enjoyed and its all about balance so eat your cravings in moderation and get over yourself a little ;) 9pm: The bf loves going for night walks on the esplanade by the beach we rug up and its so cold but its a good chance to move the digestive system before we go to sleep 10pm: In bed and me and my BF list at least 3 things we are grateful for that day. we do it every night and its become our daily gratitude ritual and its really fun way to talk about the good in the our day.

4. Describe your favourite workout to move your body.

The work out of my choice is this: Riding my big yellow bike by the ocean side, i need to breathe in ocean air every day and being outdoors is so vital for my health and happiness. i would ride it to a Hot Yoga class near my house and bust out a 90 min power class to get the heart pumping and the body moving then i would slowly ride my bike home and finish with a nap (i love naps)

5. What is your view on a health & fitness? Do you live by any particular food or training philosophy?

My view on health and fitness is "Stop Taking yourself so god damn seriously". I think that we put so much pressure on our self to be something else when we should really accept and love who we are right now in all our flaws. When you are exercising i always say make sure you exercise your mind and do the internal self love work because even if you do get that dream body you may still not feel fulfilled and find you still have an emptyness as you have just been focusing on the exterior and thats all the Ego.

I am all about balance and Bio Individuality (meaning one persons food is another persons poison) so what works for me may not work for another, thats why fad diets, and food trends like paleo, vegan ect only fulfill some peoples needs. I generally eat a healthy balanced diet, lots of greens, meat usually in the form of fish, and i love a good green juice but i dont deprive myself of the fun stuff food has to offer. If i want some chocolate then by all means i have the chocolate and dont feel guilt about it.

I feel that some health experts are training people to only eat organic, only eat healthy and that in its self is an eating disorder " Orthorexia". I think balance is key and never feel guilty enjoy the foods you love.

6. What tip or advice would you give to anyone who is looking to live a healthier, fitter and happier life?

My number one advice is LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. So many people say things like...

- When i am skinny i will be happy -When i get a six pack i will be happy - When my skin clears up i will be happy

I say, you need to be happy in yourself right now!!!!! no matter what flaws you have picked out you must start to fall in love with the process of your own wellness journey . Move your body in a loving way, work out to feel good not because your punishing your body.

My second advice would be drop the comparisonitis, that is comparing yourself to others on their looks, health, personality and life style. Social media has built a forum that we can share our journeys in hopes to inspire but along the way people loose themselves and end up in a viscous cycle of comparing and wanting to be like another. Its so unhealthy and can tarnish the soul. Instead focus on what you are good at, lov who you are in this moment and only compare yourself to the best version of YOU.

(Guilty as charge! Social media has led to serious comparisonitis. Sometimes instead of focusing how far we have come, we ended up focusing on what we want based on other people's carefully curated lives!)

7. Pluggin time! All your social media channels for some stalking actions and of course any exciting projects/ offers/ events you would like to share with Eat This Burn That's readers?

Instagram: @nikki_ayres


Thanks Nikki for taking your time for sharing your insights with Eat This Burn That readers! I hope you readers find it inspiring, I most definitely did!

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