9 Healthy Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth this Winter

It's freezing outside - all your hormonesyou want to do is curl up with Netflix (who else is hooked to this? I am currently binging on Orange is the New Black - which BTW is kinda like borderline soft porn to me) with a mug of warm hot chocolate or Chai latte along with some cookies or cake.

Oh wait, is it just me? 

Dessert has never really been my strong point. I mean, creating dessert; I am extremely talented in consuming them. ;)

ANYWAYS, It would be rude not to share some of the best healthy desserts around the World Wide Web that I came across in between researches and hoping that I have a magic finger to turn these delicious dessert into life through my Mac Book Air screen. #TheFutureOfTechnology 

9 Healthy Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth this Winter

1. HEALTHY DONUTS: Yes, you read it correctly! Apparently, HEALTHY DONUT IS A THING, guise! All thanks to the ever so creative Secret Squirrel Food.

2. MATCHA RAWEOS: If two of my favourite stuff made babies, this would be the result. Matcha and Oreos, SERIOUSLY?

3. MATCHA MINT SLICE: Because I love matcha everything, I have included another matcha recipe for good measure ;)

4. RAW PUMPKIN PIE TARTS: I don't know about you but I always associate pumpkin spice (along with the likes of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves) with winter. Christmas in July, anyone?

5. THICK HOT CHOCOLATE: Any Max Brennar fan here anyone? Sophie's thick hot chocolate reminds me of those Bad Boys in the hug mug - except healthier.

6. RAW CHOCOLATE, ORANGE & ALMOND BARK: Everyone loves a good piece of good ol' chocolate bark! The only downside of this recipe is you have to wait until the chocolate bark is completely frozen and that takes approximately 4 hours.

7. HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: Chocolate chip cookies is ALWAYS the answer in my books, especially the double chocs ones! Take a twist and make them nutella-like chocolate chip cookies by using hazelnut meal instead of almond meals - MIND BLOWN!

Image Source

8. VEGAN CHOCOLATE FONDANT WITH CARAMEL: How can a dessert list be complete without any caramel flavoured feature, AM I RIGHT? This looks as good as the real deal, except 10000 times healthier!

9. CREAMY CHAI LATTE: After all the munching, what's better than washing it all down with a large creamy mug of creamy chai latte? This creamy chai latte by Jessica Sepel is as good as the real one except it's gluten free, dairy free and sugar free! Who knew cashew is the secret ingredient to a creamy chai latte?

I hope this list helps trigger your baking/ creative hat and whip up some of these babies this winter! And, you're welcome ;) I will definitely be experimenting the creamy chai latte, thick hot chocolate, hazelnut chocolate chip cookies and raw chocolate bark (as they seem to be the easiest from the lot!) for now!

Which is your favourite from this list? If you have any healthy desserts inspirations, do share them in the comment below because we all enjoy some good healthy desserts stalking ;).


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