#GymBagHeroes - Top 7 Must Have Multi-purpose Beauty Products In Your Gym Bag

So, one of my favourite excuses back in my exercise-hating-days was “I have to go out tonight, hence I can’t make it to the gym”. The rationale behind it is: I can’t carry my make up case and a wardrobe-full of clothes in my gym bag.

How am I supposed to do my favourite smokey eyes when I forget my blending blush?

I still smell even though I have showered…

Gym is going to give me a bad hair day for my date tonight.

I need 8290348203 eyeshadows for the perfect EOTD (aka eye of the day) and 5 lipsticks to achieve the perfect FOTD (face of the day) to get ready.

Yeap - that ties to the very same excuse, in different variations. (Who else can relate - share your version of the excuse in the comments below :P)

Blaming it on the hassle of getting ready post gym, I often chose going out, be it dinner with the girlfriends, a hot date or even a PR event over gyming without second thought.

As the saying goes, you will need to eliminate yours excuses in order to achieve your goals. And here my friend, is where #GymBagHeroes will be the excuse police and do the job for you!

You don't need a make up case full of products - you just need a few multipurpose products to look like you have just came out of a make over.

I will be sharing with you my favourite multipurpose products and any revolutionary upcoming releases which will make getting ready post workout at the gym way easier for you. - all of which I have personally tested and got my tick of approval!

To kick of the very first post of our #GymBagHeroes series, here is a flat lay of the essential products from my very first morning gym session after a good three months:

As you may know, I used to write about beauty, that means, I used to use a gazillion products on my face (both skin care and make up!) However, it doesn't seem practical to lug a huge make up or cosmetic bag to the gym. SO, I now have a new found appreciation for multi-purpose products that makes my live easier!

Hope you enjoy my first edition of #gymbagheroes post on the blog and find it useful! Ain't nobody got time for 89724392734982 products whilst getting ready at the gym! ;)