What's New : Yogathletics for Aesthetics by FitFunFusion Workshop @ Bronte Beach

A huge congratulations to my fitness partner in crime, Yaz for finally launching his first Yogathletics workshop. As per the name suggests, it incorporates functional "fun" into yoga, preparing you into the world of Partner Acro Play.

("fun" because whilst the moves are highly challenging and makes you feel like a beast, it requires a lot of mental strength and hard work too. :P)

What's New : Yogathletics for Aesthetics by FitFunFusion Workshop @ Bronte Beach


"This is a community to share, develop, experience and embrace the fun side of fitness: Fusion of Functional training, Primal Movements, Yoga, Athletics, Isometrics, Kettle-bell, Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Freestyle and Body Weight training…

Training in different styles to challenge and confuse the body and muscles to progress and improve.

Aesthetics, noun: meaning a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, otherwise known as – looking good naked."

Extract from YOGAthletics for Aesthetics Facebook Group (Join the group if you haven't already!)


There weren't many photos taken during the workout as everyone was busy holding onto some awkward position whilst keeping a neutral spine. After all the hardwork, Yaz very kindly offered to be the base for all attendees and gave novices like myself a feel of what Partner Acro Play is like.

Without further ado, I shall let the pictures do the talking because there's only THIS much I could describe thaaaat workout that twist 75 degrees to the right that makes my obliques, glutes and hammy hurts... Yes, you get the drift! :P

(Please note that all photos without www.EatThisBurnThat.com watermark are not mine)

AND THIS, my dear readers is Simona! She has self taught her madly impressive yoga skills by practising yoga 3 hours each day for the past 2 years. Yes, unbelievable I know. I was girl crushing on her pretty much all Saturday. ;)

This is a living proof (LOOK AT THAT DOUBLE CHIN *VOMITS*) that not all fitness poses are easy and it takes 23482093482390 attempts,, lotsa sweat and tears before you get to THAT one glamour shot! Remember, you gotta start somewhere and every veteran was once an amateur! It doesn't matter how weak you were, your journey begins when you decided to TRY and give your best!


Have you tried any sort of functional workout?

What is your first impression on Yogathletics?


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