What's New: Activated Nutrients

On our very first instalment of What's New series, we have Activated Nutrients - an ‘all-in- one’ supplement to be added to your daily diet! And no, this is not one of those "nutritional cleansing" supplements which is just another MLM gimmick.

What's New is a new series on Eat This Burn That to showcase any new products, events and studios that we discover. Pretty much anything new and upcoming around the health & fitness, beauty & lifestyle world! 


1. Tell us a little about your business!

Activated Nutrients is taking a whole new approach to nutritional supplements. With the help of former CSIRO Head Auditor Dr. Jaroslav Boublik and ‘Travelling Dietitian’ Kara Landau, we formulated a Daily Superfood supplement made entirely from raw wholefoods – nothing synthetic and all sustainably sourced. We’ve also made separate formulations for men and women to maximise benefits with targeted support for each gender.

2. What are the health benefits of Activated Nutrients?

We call Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood an ‘all-in- one’ supplement. It has your reds, greens, pre/pro-biotics, herbs, digestive enzymes, non-synthetic (wholefood) vitamins and more. If you take Activated Nutrients, you don’t have to take multiple supplements because our formula is nutritionally complete. Many supplement companies include a tiny amount of an ingredient just so they can list it on the label. But in Activated Nutrients, there’s enough of every ingredient to actually provide benefits to your body. And because we use wholefoods, you get the added benefit of naturally-occurring co-nutrients that help your body absorb nutrients properly.

3. What is your most popular product? And why?

Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood for Men and Daily Superfood for Women are our most popular products. People are saying that taking the Daily Superfood once a day is giving them more energy, noticing stronger skin, nails and hair, they’re getting sick less often and more. In one extreme (but amazing) case, a customer named Robyn reported before taking Activated Nutrients, “My liver levels were high, I had high cholesterol, sugar levels were out of control.” And after taking Activated Nutrients for two weeks, “I’ve just come back from my liver specialist and all my levels, my cholesterol levels, nearly down to normal. Sugar’s down, it’s perfect.”

4. What inspired you to start your business?

It began with four friends. As models, athletes and busy corporate professionals, they shared a common passion for health as well as a common frustration with the lack of high quality nutritional supplements available on the market. They were also disturbed by the approach so many companies took in promoting their health products, focusing on marketing hype rather than product integrity and even playing tricks on the public with confusing labels and misleading claims. These frustrations sparked their mission to develop a premium quality wholefood product and present it with complete transparency.

5. What is your proudest achievement to date?

Most recently, we were very proud to be selected as the Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe Blog’s superfood/multivitamin of choice. But we spent over a year formulating Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood, so finally producing a product that met our incredibly strict standards has to be the proudest moment for us. Developing the formula was quite an undertaking because we would only settle for a supplement that we could call nutritionally-complete. Once the formula was finalised, we sourced the ingredients responsibly, often from local farmers growing the plant in its native location on the other side of the world. From there, the testing began. We tested Activated Nutrients extensively, well above industry standards, to ensure thatevery ingredient was premium quality and every claim we made about the product could be backed up with scientific fact. And in the end, we pulled it off! Activated Nutrients is exactly what we wanted it to be – a daily powder supplement packed with real, raw and responsible wholefood nutrition. We couldn’t be more proud!

6. Take us through a day in your life as the founder of Activated Nutrients.

Every team member works so hard – everyone is a constant source of inspiration to each other! First and foremost, we all take care of ourselves by eating well and allowing time for exercise. A passion for health and wellness is what brought the founders together, and those things are still extremely important to us. Good health provides a solid foundation for the team to go out and kick butt. We meet with prospective new stockists; run staff training workshops with existing stockists; meet with marketing partners and attend partner events (eg. Melbourne City Sports events, Lorna Jane events, Flow Athletic’s Flow After Dark, etc.); engaging with customers via phone, email and even in person to get product and experience feedback; chatting to our investors, who share our values and offer brilliant business insight. We do everything we can to get the word out about Activated Nutrients and improve the industry. We’re also dedicated to ongoing product development. We spend a lot of our time reading medical journals, following studies and keeping up with other scientific research so that we can constantly improve our formula as new scientific discoveries are made.

7. What’s your philosophy for leading a healthy and active life? Do you think that has helped you with your business?

Everyone on the Activated Nutrients team comes from vastly different backgrounds, but our passion for health and wellbeing is what made Activated Nutrients happen. Our shared philosophy is simple –find the physical activity that’s right for you and fuel your body to do it with wholefoods. This philosophy has not only shaped the mission of our company, it’s also what keeps us going when put into practice. Breaking into the over-hyped health industry takes a lot of work, but our message of honest nutrition is already being heard over the hype – we couldn’t have made that happen without prioritising looking after ourselves. We eat well, make time for movement and make up for any nutrients we’ve missed with Activated Nutrients.

8. Where can we find you? Any exciting projects?

You can order Activated Nutrients through our online shop at www.activatednutrients.com and we’ll ship it to your door. Our site also features some great resources on nutrition, including interviews with our genius Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jaroslav Boublik (“Dr. JB”) and group of all-star ambassadors like model and health activist Dani Bonnor, celebrity trainer Luke Istomin, Olympic medallist Loudy Wiggins and more. You can also find Activated Nutrients at the majority of Victorian CrossFit gyms, independently- owned health food stores and a number of pharmacies, including Malouf Pharmacies (the largest privately-owned pharmacy chain in QLD), regional pharmacies and most recently, at hospitals via a partnership with Slade Pharmacies.

There are so many exciting things coming up! We’re launching new products soon and we’re planning some pretty cool events as part of the national launch. They’re still in the secret stage, but we can tell you that they’ll be incorporating some of our celebrity ambassadors. Also, keep an eye on our social media channels (below) because we may or may not be sending someone to Hawaii to train with Luke Istomin…

Instagram: www.activatednutrients.com

Twitter: www.activatednutrients.com

Website: www.activatednutrients.com

Editor's note: Well, I will be jetting off to Hawaii in less than 4 weeks. Can I train with Luke Istomin, pretty please? ;)

Thank you very much for your time, Jo for giving our readers a little insight to your product! I have personally tried this supplement myself and definitely notice an increase in energy and better digestion! So, if you are in the market for supplements, definitely check out Activated Nutrients.

xoxo, A

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