7 Tips To Brighten Up & Feel Good This Winter

Unless you have been living under the rock, you would have probably read somewhere, on the internet that NSW was smashed with severe storm over the weekend. The following map sums it up pretty well - cars were being stuck, land/ front yards were being washed away, trees falling along the road....you get the picture. (Can I just say though - people who still decide to jump into the water at a time like this are such idiots and it should be at their own risk. Seriously!!!)  


Anyways, I digress. Winter has only just started - so instead of sulking why not make the most out of it? I mean, nothing beats comfort food with warm tea and Netflix in bed on a cold, rainy day. Right?

Rather than being a Debbie Downer all winter, I will share my 7 tips to brighten up and feel good this winter! You'd be surprised how little actions like this could make you feel a whole lot better! Give it a go this weekend!

7 Tips To Brighten Up And Feel Good This Winter

1. Give yourself a homemade facial.

When was the last time you properly exfoliate your face and properly moisturise it? BE HONEST! I am definitely guilty of this! Spend some time exfoliating your face and applying a masque. This will remove your dead skin and keep your skin hydrated!

2. Have a bath

Nothing spells relaxing more than a hot bubble bath. Give your body a good scrub, treat yourself to a hot bath. Side of wine optional.

3. Read a book/ magazine

In the world of consumerism,whether its from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, we are constantly taking in information! Take a step back to read a book or your favourite magazine (back to back). Try not to check your phone whilst you are reading.


4. Lit up your favourite candle or burn your favourite essential oil

We all know that scent and fragrance affects our mood! This article by Huffpost will help you pick the "ideal" scent to elevate your mood! I personally love lavender, vanilla, jasmine and salted caramel!

5.Have a drink

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic bevy will most certainly help you feel good this winter! A glass of cheeky wine or a cup of warm tea (my favourite is jasmine green tea!) whilst catching up on the latest Jane The Virgin episode sounds pretty amazing don't cha reckon?

6. Indulge in some chocolate

I am sure you don't need me to run through the health benefits of chocolate, do you? Indulge in some good quality chocolate, preferably dark and sweetened with natural sugar. I am currently loving Well Naturally - which I have recently won from their Instagram competition! I am not a huge fan of stevia but this is definitely one of the best tasting stevia chocolate around. A few slices of this, paired with a cup of tea or a glass of red wine = ABSOLUTE BLISS.

7. Stay active

Moving is one of the most underused therapy to feel better! Go lift some weights, do some pylometrics workout, attend a power yoga session or simply a hike in your local national park - any movement will lift your mood almost instantly! #ActiveLiving

Give one of the above a try or a few at a same time (think facial, bath, read, drink, candle, chocolate... you get the picture!) and I promise you will definitely feel better! :)

So tell me - what do you to help brighten up a dull winter day?


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