6 reasons why you should start resistance band training in 2017

Resistance band training-the unsung hero in the training world! When it comes to the "cool kid in the block" in the training world, we have all heard about HIIT, pylometrics training, boxing classes, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, TRX... but the poor ol' resistance band training hardly get a mention.

In all honesty, I was completely oblivious to this form of training too until I was on a holiday a month ago and wanted to still incorporate some strength training during my trip. I still train regularly at F45 but on the weekends, I now take my resistance band with me to the beach or national parks and squeeze in a few resistance workout! #strength

Here are some of the few benefits of resistance band training I have found since I started using them:


6 reasons why you should start resistance band training in 2017

1. Cost effective

It costs less than $20 a band! 

2. Convenient and portable

Always travelling or hitting the gym is just simply out of your way? Or you prefer to train outdoors? Well, whatever preference you have, fret not. You can use resistant band anywhere and anytime as it is s super portable and light weight!

3. Add variety or resistance

Your body adapts to movements if performed regularly. By adding resistance band to your workout, it adds resistance and variation. Think bicycle crunch with a resistance band or lunges with biceps curls...

4. Effective strength training

Resistance band training can help you boost stamina, flexibility and range of motion.

5. Easy and safe to use alone

Free weights and dumbbell can be a tad risky if you are a beginner and usually require a buddy or a trainer to assist you with spotting. Problem solved when using a resistant band - you can still perform them bicep curls and chest press without the risk of smashing yourself with the weights

6. Provides resistance in multiple directions

Unlike free weights, resistance band does not rely on gravity to provide resistance, allowing it to provide resistance on a horizontal plane. For example, if you move your left hand whilst holding a dumbbell from the left side to the ride side of your body, there is no resistance to your biceps (as it wasn't lifted up against gravity). However, the tension is present through out the entire range of motion when doing biceps curls with elastic resistance.

Have you tried resistance band training before? What is your favourite form of training? I hope these benefits have inspired you to start incorporating them to your training regime! Stay tune for resistance band training videos!

Adeline X