3 quick and easy ways to stay healthy this festive season

December is the season to be jolly. It's usually several parties a week filled with unlimited flow of champagne; dinners and catch ups every other day; Christmas parties, events, family dinners... you name it.

Here at Eat This Burn That, we practice balance and moderation. In order to avoid putting on the extra holiday kilos during this period, apart from staying active and adding extra workout sessions, try to eat clean during the week and your "quiet days".

"Pssst, ain't nobody got time for meal prep during this party season" you may say. And I hear ya, cos I feel the same too! ;)

This is why I am sharing 3 quick and easy ways to stay healthy during this festive season that require minimum or zero prep time with you today!

3 quick and easy ways to stay healthy during this festive season

1. Grab-And-Go Breakfast

With breakfast, I think it's best to spend half an hour or so to prep the meals over the weekend. Most of my recipes are quick and easy because I know us GenY are always time poor.

If you are more of a savoury person, go for these paleo muffin cups which once again, doesn't take up much time to prepare! You can find the Bacon & Egg recipe HERE and Vego recipe HERE.

If you are a sweet person in the morning (or just in general :P), these homemade muesli bars are great! OR just make your own breakfast parfait - good quality greek yogurt + sugar and preservative free good quality muesli or granola (My brand of choice is Chobani and I like to make my own granola), topped with fruits and healthy garnishes such as nuts or shredded coconut.

2. VRT Quickie - Veggies, (Brown) Rice and Tuna


This is my to-go-to meal during my extremely busy period because they require minimum preparation effort and you literally just grab the ingredients from the shops and you get yourself a meal!

All you need is:

1. Frozen veggies of choice - I usually go for broccoli. If you are really lazy, you can opt for the pre-packed ones but I like packing my own cos I usually need at least 1.5 - 2 servings of veggies with my meal! :)

2. Brown rice (you can either cook a whole pot over the weekend - it takes minimum effort or just opt for the microwaved ones which is zero fuss)

3. Tuna - again this requires zero cooking! If tuna is not your cup of tea, you can always pre boiled your eggs when you are getting ready for work or cook up a batch of grilled chicken (this does not take much prep at all - just buy store bought chicken breast strips, season it however you like it, pop it in the oven and done!)

3. Quick & Easy Salads


Salads is probably one of the easiest things to put together . All you need to do is wash and/or chop up the ingredients you need, store them properly and assemble them when you want to eat them!

Mix and match your favourite greens, add on your favourite source of protein & good fats (such as avocado, feta cheese or haloumi) and you will have yourself a great salad!

I like to cook a huge batch of chicken and freeze them whenever I have the time. Otherwise, I will just go to my local supermarket to get a whole roast chook, shred them and store them in an air-tight container. They make great source of protein for your salad. Of course, if you are vego or vegan, you can always swap it with tofu or tempeh.


I practise these hacks almost all year round but more so during festive season to make sure I don't feel guilty whilst chomping down mince pies and turkey. ;) Trust me, they are really easy to apply and not to mention, delicious too!

Adeline x


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