Transformational Coach + Speaker Adeline Er is driven to empower next generation leaders to step into their power + purpose, show up as their most authentic self and make their mark, encourage others through speaking globally.

Adeline is all about sparking conversations around the new way of doing things in this digital age - from conscious leadership to the future of work, bringing a fresh voice and new perspectives into these topics.

Adeline specialises in these topics:

  • Transformational Leadership - A true leader leads from the inside out and show up as his/her most authentic self. #ConsciousLeadership

  • Breaking free of status quo + how to stop living your parents’ life and start living your own

  • #FutureOfWork - working remotely, employee branding and millennial leadership (bridging the gap between baby boomers + millennial)

  • Digitalised Business Mindset

  • Personal branding for visionary leaders + purpose-driven entrepreneurs with her unique ABC Framework

  • Strategic Marketing + Content Marketing

Adeline helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and visionary leaders own their story, find their path and unlock their full potential so that they can show up as their most authentic self and make their mark.



Adeline Er Speaker + Host Showreel



Hosting & Facilitating Conscious Leadership Panel -
DOJO, Bali (July 2019)

Strategic Content Marketing for Personal Brand workshop - DOJO, Bali (July 2019)