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Adeline Er is a wellbeing coach, qualified personal trainer and #mealprepninja. She's the founder and content creator of Eat This Burn That and Eat This Burn That TV.


I help hustlers and busy people who wants to feel good, energised and alive, something I wished I had the resources for when I was in corporate, whilst trying to make health and wellbeing work!  
I want other hustlers to have an easy access to well-researched resources to help and guide them, so I share lots of quick & easy recipes and meal prep tips. I also offer Holistic coaching (mindset, nutrition and fitness) using my signature meal prep system & get moving protocol to achieve a sustainable lifestyle!

- Adeline er- 

Founder & Head Coach

Her mission is to help #hustlers (busy people) prioritise and take control of their wellbeing via her signature meal prep and get moving systems. Learn how to create your own personal systems and make healthy & active living FIT your lifestyle.

Having come from a corporate background, Adeline understands how easy it is to get soaked into work and barely move all day (the only movements you get during the day are commuting to & from work and between meeting rooms!). Eating well is usually out of the equation as cooking daily is almost impossible. Half of the daily food budget is spent on coffee in order to power on.

She strongly believes that living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is all about balance & freedom.

After trialling countless fad diets and thousands of dollars spent on under-utilised gym memberships later, she has finally realised that fitness is a journey, a lifestyle; never a destination. There's no end date to a healthy lifestyle and in order for it to be sustainable, you have to start slow by creating daily habits and routines. 

In between her full time job, side hustlers and after-work-classes, Adeline has taken a systematic approach in order to take control of her wellbeing again. This involves creating her own personal systems to make healthy living and eating well fit around her hectic schedules.

And this is how Fit Fetcher was born.  

Whether you are a full-time hustler looking to regain control and prioritise your overall wellbeing or a corporation looking to boost staff' productivity and morale, Fit Fetcher will be able to help you achieve your goals.